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Mexico’s Ambassador urged Belizean bus owners to comply

Belizeans can be seen frequenting Chetumal by the busloads especially on weekends and holidays. Recently, Belize’s buses have been barred from going across the border without insurance.  Mexico requires insurance for foreign vehicles but the law has only been recently enforced. The Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, Carlos Quesnel Melendez explained to Love News that there is an agreement in place between both countries as it relates to vehicles crossing the borders.

Carlos Quesnel Melendez – Ambassador of Mexico to Belize: We have signed an agreement; both Governments in order to have a better Legal and Institutional framework when vehicles from Mexico come to Belize. Any vehicle that comes to Belize has to comply with the legal requirements and we have to have drivers licenses, we have to pay insurance and that is exactly what we are asking now of the Belizean buses. That they have to have registration from the Ministry of Transport of Mexico so that they can get their easily in Chetumal. That they have insurance; a third party insurance that must meet the requirement. This is the requirement for all the Mexicans; not only to Belizean drivers but Mexicans also have to comply with this and certainly that we have a driver’s licenses that allows us to go in the streets and you can imagine that all these requirements are for the safety of everybody going into Mexican roads as well as it happens in Belize in order to protect all the tribes and all the people who go on the Belizean routes and the Mexican routes.”

Melendez said that some bus owners have already complied and he urged the others to do likewise.


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