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Micah Goodin’s Firearm Confiscated

Belize City Deputy Mayor Micah Goodin is back in the news tonight.  Police Commissioner Chester Williams confirmed to the media today that police officers recently visited Goodin at his house. Police officers were there to confiscate another licensed firearm from Goodin’s possession. Now, the young PUP politician will need to explain to Williams why his gun license should not be revoked. Here is how Williams explained it.

Chester Williams, Commissioner, Belize Police Department: “I know that police had gone to Micah’s house and removed another licensed firearm he had because he had two licenced firearms and he has since been written to, asking for him to show cause why his gun licence should not be revoked. I checked with my legal office just a few minutes ago to ascertain if in fact he had received the letter asking to show cause. I have not received a response from the legal office so I cannot say yes he has received it or no. But, I cannot at this stage, prematurely state that his licence will be revoked. That would be tantamount to making a decision without having given him the opportunity to be heard and so I will await for his response to the letter that was written to him and then based on his response, I will determine whether or not his licence will be revoked. While yes as the Commissioner I do have the powers to revoke, I cannot exercise the power arbitrarily. I have to ensure that due process is carried through in order for me to make a determination.”

Goodin was involved in a shooting incident in mid-May in Belize City.  Shadow councillor taw Medina was grazed by a bullet during the incident.