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Michael Blease booted from post of FFB General Secretary

Michael Blease is no longer the General Secretary of the Football Federation of Belize. Blease was ‘released’ by the executive of the FFB on Monday. Allegations had surfaced that Blease had manipulated the electoral committee and the electoral appeals committee. However, that was just the surface of it. Acting President, Marlon Kulyen, told the media that there was enough wrongdoing to dismiss Blease immediately. He said, it couldn’t have been worse.

Marlon Kuylen – Acting President, FFB
““We are in a situation that is not a good one and a lot of things have come to light and in a sense its timely, its fortunate at the same time because now we realize that the things that we thought we were wrong actually was worse than we thought and we see that now we have to make significant changes and we started on Monday by releasing the general secretary and appointing Mr. Earl Jones as interim general secretary for as long as needed. The idea is that we will advertise the post and have people apply for it and then we choose the best qualified person for the position.”

“Is this transition without challenge? From a legal perspective’

Marlon Kuylen – Acting President, FFB
“Well we anticipate that there will be some challenges because of contracts that were signed but in the meantime we have to bite the bullet and do what we have to do. So we will cross that bridge when we get there. Like in every contract there are always ways to come out of them and so we will be looking at those and we will look at all angles. We have people looking at them right now as we speak and like I said we will cross that bridge when we get there. To us it’s a step in the right direction. it can’t get any worse than it was before and everybody in football has known for a while now that it was time to move on. Mr.Blease has served his four years under Mr. Ruperto Vicente and he served one year under us and the year spent with us; his contribution was immense because most of the year was spent in the planning phase and therefore it was important that he was still with us but the time has come, we are moving on and we are getting some really good feedback from the public and everyone in general. We haven’t heard a negative one as yet.”

“You stated the phrase it was much worse than we thought, or something to that effect, can you state specifically why it is that Mr. Blease has been dismissed? Is it because timeline indications or what did he do specifically for us to reach this point?

Marlon Kuylen – Acting President, FFB
“Well it’s not only what he did but a lot of it was what he did not do. There are several items in his letter which I won’t divulge of stuff that could have been done better. All the items there are good items I mean I’m saying that legally the items that affected the way he did his job or but no, no it was time for him to go and that is all I can say about it for now.”

According to Kuylen it is also time for others to go.

Marlon Kuylen – Acting President, FFB
“Well as you can see in our budget a substantial amount of it is geared to or slated for salaries which is not sustainable in an organization like this or any other for that fact. So we are looking at ways to streamline. We may have to give some personnel other duties or we may have to dismiss others. We will see as the weeks go by.”

And as the weeks go by, Earl Jones is filling in the position of General Secretary. He says he will see how the helps the FFB move forward.

Marlon Kuylen – Acting President, FFB
“There is a lot of negatives; I must say or energy flowing to the media which is of great concern because it tells you that something is going wrong. So my first approach is to evaluate what the media is saying, look at what we are doing and look at the way forward. The FFB just drafted up a strategic plan for the next four years, are we working towards achieving the goals that were set out in the strategic plans? All these things will have to be carefully evaluated so that we can then move forward. We need also to look at the term of reference for our staff, we need to look at what they are actually doing because some might be doing other things and then we see how we can then streamline that and make the staff performance more effective and efficient.”

Kuylen said that Blease had also breached some statutes of the FFB.