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Michael Gladden Shot on Holy Emmanuel Street

Gladden Shooting
Michael Gladden was socializing with friends last night on Holy Emmanuel Street which in the gungulung area of St. Martin De Porres. A gunman came out and fired several shots injuring the 29 year old Belize City resident. ASP Alejandro Cowo, the Officer in Charge of CIB for Belize City says that Gladden may have been injured as the result of a rivalry.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “A shooting of Mr. Michael Gladden 29 years Belizean of Holy Emmanuel Street sometime after 8:50 last night Police visited the Hospital where they observed Mr. Gladden with several gunshot wounds to his body. He was admitted in a critical condition and still remains in a critical condition at this moment. What we understand is that Mr. Gladden was walking to his home and whilst on the London Bridge he was approached from an area where a person came out from a dark area and fired several shots at his direction causing the above mentioned injuries. So far there is no one detained for this investigation.”

Gladden was injured on a “London bridge” while trying to retreat to his home in a swampy area off Holy Emanuel Street.