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Michelle Martinez Remains Missing

The family of forty-five-year-old Michelle Kimberly Martinez is offering a two-thousand-dollar reward for any credible information that may lead to her whereabouts. It has been about four weeks since Martinez disappeared from her home in Corozal. Her family remains hopeful that they will find her and as recently as yesterday, a search party continued to look for the mother of three. Love News spoke to her sister Mildred Martinez who says, however, the family is growing concerned because she may have been a victim of domestic violence.

Mildred Martinez, Sister of missing Michelle Martinez: “Since we found out that she was missing on the 17th of April we have been in Corozal, practically we stationed there so we had some member of the family there from since we learned that she was missing. We have been to the police station, we have interviewed neighbors, people that saw her. We have been combing the area but as of this Sunday after Kim went missing the 18th there has been no sign of her. So right now as it is we’re still hoping and praying for the best but as time goes by we can’t help but fear the worst as well. We have gathered evidence so we are aware that my sister was a victim of domestic violence so it’s something that she faced every day with the man that she was living with so that’s a possibility we’re looking that probably – we know that Kim was out on the 17th but on the 17th we have sighting of her back in Corozal on the 18th the Sunday and so we’re wondering if her partner actually found her and something else happened why there has been no sighting of her since then so that’s our biggest fear. We have people that call and send pictures but it’s not her so right now what we’re thinking is that probably she was met with foul play and like we all said we have a $2,000 reward that is still standing on anything that could assist us in finding her. Had Kim been out there and just lost someone would have already called or informed us about it. If Kim was hiding somewhere she would have gotten in touch with one of us.”

Martinez says that while her sister does suffer from mental distress, once on medication she lives a normal life. She concedes that Michelle has never done anything like this.

Mildred Martinez, Sister of missing Michelle Martinez: “Kim has never done this before. She suffered from mental illness yes but when she is on her medication it just doesn’t affect her she lives her life normally. What happened is that we also found out that the person that she was living with refused to go and get her medication and refused to have her take the medication and she was undergoing tremendous stress. We actually got a recording of what my sister was enduring so I’m not talking about something I’m guessing, I’m talking about something I actually saw with my two eyes; that would contribute to her being like that, getting that way if she was not on her medication and undergoing tremendous stress then that would bring it on.”

The family is asking for the public’s support in helping to locate their loved one. If anyone has any information about Martinez’s where about the family can be reached at six two six seven two zero-zero.