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Midway Village Chairman Gives Update on Lock Down

Tonight, the southern communities of Barranco, Conejo, and Midway remain under a strict lockdown following a spike in Covid-19 cases. Essentially, the lockdown prohibits movement in and out of those areas with the condition that the Government would provide assistance to those communities. Love News spoke to Midway Village Chairman, Marcos Ico to get an update on how the villagers are faring.

Marcos Ico, Midway Village Chairman:Midway people are getting their packages. Only the one they promised us never reach yet for the people to the families but I thank the government that he’s assisting us every four days they’re assisting us with packages but maybe not all of what they’re giving us but they’re helping us with flour, rice, beans and chicken and etc so I thank the good lord also that nobody is in a serious condition. We know that we have some severe headaches also like slight fevers for those who had positive results the last time and right now the people of midway were very calm, nobody is moving around and I am happy that they listened to the authorities.”

Ico explained that of the three hundred and thirteen people in the village, about seventy-five percent of them were swabbed. The tally of confirmed cases up to Friday stood at sixty. He added that while the Government is helping, the seventy-five families there will welcome any additional assistance.

Marcos Ico, Midway Village Chairman: “’d just like to tell the public that if anybody needs to assist us when you’re at home you feel bad when you’re at home because my people they are hard working people they come out outside they work outside and right now they’re in lockdown so if they can assist us can keep on assisting us.”

If you would like to help, contact Ico at 633-2471.