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MIHD to replace the Pueblo Nuevo and Laguna Seca Ferries

Rural residents of the Corozal District are up in arms over snaky lines that have become a norm at the Pueblo Nuevo and Laguna Seca Ferries, which are both located on the Corozal/Sarteneja Road. The residents that use the ferries to commute to and from Corozal to Sarteneja are demanding that they return to being operated twenty-four/seven to alleviate the recent uptick in traffic. Commuters have expressed their discontent with the situation and have stated that the wait can be from two to three hours depending on the time of day. Today, Love News spoke to the Chief Engineer at the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing, Lennox Bradley, to discuss the ministry’s position on the issue.

Lennox Bradley, Chief Engineer Officer, MOWH: “Currently, yes, we seem to be having some traffic congestion at the ferry. If you recall, the Corozal/Sarteneja road is under construction. We are upgrading it to paved standard and that includes replacing both ferries, the Laguna Seca and the Pueblo Nuevo. We have started the construction of Laguna Seca and also with the Pueblo Nuevo ferry we are preparing for construction. To allow for the construction we have had to relocate the Pueblo Nuevo ferry. We have a sort of a relocation with the Pueblo Nuevo ferry so it takes a bit longer to cross the river, alright. We notice that the problem seems to be the early hours of the morning rather than the nighttime. I said earlier that we did have a 24 hour shift system at both ferries but because of the COVID pandemic, I think we had reduced the hours. We have increased recently. The working hours now are from 6 am to 10 pm at night and we’re also looking at trying to start operations at Pueblo Nuevo ferry a bit earlier than 6 am to try and relieve the congestion that seems to occur mostly during the early hours of the morning. Eventually we will put in the 24 hour system at both ferries again but I can’t tell you a firm date at this time. It will be soon though.”

The upgrades are being completed with funds from a fifty million US dollar loan procured through a bilateral agreement with the Taiwanese Government.