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Mike Espat Wants Level Playing Field for Local and Foreign Investors

For his part, Toledo East representative Mike Espat spoke on the need for Government to afford Belizean investors the same level of support given to foreign investors.


“We need to protect our Belizean people when it comes to investments in this country. Mr. Speaker the Prime Minister had a big fight with the demon Michael Ashcroft with investment, took away BTL and had to pay millions of dollars that the Belizean people have to pay back and now I understand the Prime Minister in his speech said that he will now go back and they will study the port of Belize project along with who? The demon Michael Ashcroft. So what kind of game is going on between the government and Michael Ashcroft and everytime we get into a fight with Michael Ashcroft he ends up taking more money than you can imagine at the expense of the Belizean people.” 

In responding Prime Minister said there is the need for a docking facility if we are to continue with cruise tourism and Port Loyola has been identified as the best possible location.


“The best possible site for the alongside docking facility that would allow for passengers to get off onto the main land from ship to shore and then take off to the various points throughout the country is Port Loyola so if we all as nationalists have an interest in seeing cruise tourism continue and in seeing Belize City to continue to benefit in view of what the cruise lines are telling us that we must ultimately get the alongside docking facility Port Loyola in principle is the best place for that and the government will encourage interested parties to look at that.” 

The idea to pursue the docking facility in the Port Loyola area came after Mike Feinstein opted to not explore the further development of Stake Bank Docking