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Military Sub-Machine Gun found in Northern Belize

Orange Walk Police discovered a firearm yesterday. However, the firearm that was found is not the normal type of gun the department is accustomed to finding. Police found a TEC 9 semi-automatic fire arm which is a smaller version of a military submachine gun. Inspector Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Officer in Command at Orange Walk spoke about the discovery.


About one thirty pm, Orange Walk Police visited San Pablo Village. Orange Walk Police conducted investigations on the outskirts of a lot and found a TEC 9 that was wrapped inside a black plastic bag. The TEC 9 didn’t have any serial number but had a magazine containing nine millimeter rounds. Nobody was found in the area so the machine gun was brought to the Orange Walk Police Station where it was labeled as found property.”

A TEC 9- semi automatic gun can hold up to thirty rounds. Inspector Palomo says he believes the gun belongs to those in the area that traffic drugs.


I believe it was used by transient criminals right now that are operating and trafficking drugs. As we speak we are trying to get the serial number through the forensics, we sent it to the e-trace to try to find out where this gun came from”

The cost of such a gun in stores would be an estimated five hundred US dollars.