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Military Tattoo’s mishap

On Friday, the Police and Military Tattoo was held in Belize City at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. As part of the show, the Belize Police Department showcased how officers respond in a riot type situation. As part of the simulation of what was believed to be white smoke was used. Turns out, one of the canisters was tear gas, affecting a number of spectators. After the show the Belize Police Department issued an apology. The statement reads quote, “The Belize Police Department regrets the unfortunate incident that occurred at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex during the Military Tattoo, and we sincerely apologize.” End of quote. Hipolito Novelo reports.

Over the weekend the Belize Police Department found itself apologizing for what should have been a spectacular show without incident. The Department put on a performance for the Police and Military Tattoo at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. For the riot simulation, four canisters were used, however one of those canisters contained CS-Gas- the defining component of tear gas. And what police say was an unexpected and honest mistake resulted in spectators such as the Governor General, feeling the burn.