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Mini-riot staged at Kolbe Foundation

Earlier today, our newsroom received reports of a problem at the Kolbe Foundation in Hattieville. In previous instances, dangerous prisoners had escaped from Kolbe, most of whom were eventually found. This time, however, there was apparently a mini-riot at the prison. Love News visited the prison and spoke to the CEO, Virgilio Murillo, who said that the prison is well-equipped to handle such problems.
Virgilio Murillo – C.E.O. Kolbe Foundation: “At about 11:05 am we had what we would consider a mini-riot at the Tango 11 building. The Tango 11 building is one of those housing units for people who are awaiting trial for whatever offense they may have been accused of committing so that is really the gist of the whole situation. We had about ten prisoners who obviously are not too happy about the inherent restrictions of prison and there was this one particular prisoner which I will not call his name who obviously may have influenced the others into staging this mini-riot. We activated our riot plan and we got the matter under control let’s say within ten minutes. Mainly property was damaged because initially I am hearing one of my radio was damaged. Certainly a prison officer got hit in the head with something possibly the same radio and he suffered a wound to his head. There were two other officers because there were three officers in the building at the time and the two other officers suffered very minor abrasions if you want to call it that. This thing happened right after they had come off recreation. They were subdued by grabbing them and handcuffing them, putting them to the ground and handcuffing them and segregating them so that they can cool off and go think about their actions. We do have knowledgeable officers and we do have a riot plan in place to deal with these kinds of situations. It is a prison and riots, escapes, disturbances, those things are very inherent.”
According to Murillo, the last time the prison had seen any type of riot was in 2001./////////