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Minimum Wage to Increase Come July 1

Another issue brought to the forefront today had to do with the minimum wage. The Deputy Prime Minister, Cordel Hyde, during his budget presentation, shared very welcoming news. It has to do with the Government’s plan to raise the minimum wage. That is one of the PUP’s Plan Belize promises- to raise the minimum wage to five dollars per hour. A Minimum Wage Task Force was established earlier this month to oversee the implementation of the five-dollar minimum wage commitment. In the House today, Hyde announced that the increase in minimum wage will be implemented on July 1, 2022.
Hon. Cordel Hyde, Deputy Prime Minister: “And the long awaited adjustment to the minimum wage will take place this year, July 1st. No more starvation wages for our workers, two years ahead of schedule. You have to give us credit. We will have to come back. You will have to give us credit. It’s all about having a living wage. How can our people be working full time and still live in poverty? That cannot be. We will also see the rollout of the Healthy Start Feeding Program in our schools. I didn’t hear the Prime Minister say that in the budget speech, because we have to make sure our kids eat. When I was a teacher for a little while a hundred years ago, you had kids come into the classroom and tell you like, I can’t stay teacher. I can’t do the work today because I’m hungry. You know, it’s real. Hunger is a massive issue in our communities and it’s a big part of the crime situation but we don’t really talk about these things openly. So we have to welcome and big that up in a massive way.”

The minimum wage increase will be rolled out in phases.