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Minister Andre Perez comments on land query on Ambergris caye

Area Representative for Belize Rural South Andre Perez has told our newsroom that he is familiar with a land issue that we reported on yesterday.  The complaint was by a family in San Pedro Town over land they had been trying to purchase for over a decade.  The family says that when they approached the previous minister they were told that the land is Crown land and will not be sold.  Fast forward today and the land is now on a listing of a realty company and is up for sale.  Perez told Love News that he tried helping but to no avail.

Andre Perez, Area Representative for Belize Rural South: “Sad to say that it is one of many and I will tell you that very much I’m very familiar with that specific issue I know the family and families involved in there, there are several families that became disenfranchised and I do know all the different people involved in this piece of property and everything. Yes sad to say that the previous representative is responsible for these things and for many other land issues that I have inherited and it’s a whole heap of problems that we’re inheriting as far as land is concerned and it’s not only limited to Ambergris Caye but it’s also in San Pedro as well and I’m saddened about that one there where the families- I tried to investigate prior to elections and when I found the truth is that it’s the damage had been done already all the lands and everything. And it’s Crown Lands it’s really those lands where these families have been there including his family members where they’re sitting for so many years so it’s sadden that it went to private hands when it could have been easily given or some kind of agreement to the three families that were there so it’s sad.”