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Minister Anthony Martinez speaks on Dean Samuel’s candidacy

Four individuals have thrown their hats into the UDP convention for Port Loyola.  Initially it appeared that former city councilor Dean Samuels had gotten the nod from the current area representative, Anthony Boots Martinez but in politics things keep changing and now Martinez has thrown his support behind Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte. Martinez shared what led to the change of heart.

Area representative Anthony Boots Martinez: He said to me that he was not running and I took his word for it and so then when I jump out of  the box now then they will say” your reverse” well I believe that he is in his right. I think that he is a good guy and so but my support stays for Michael Perryfiete.”

Samuels has also spoken about the need for upliftment in the Port Loyola division. Minister Martinez said quite a lot of development have taken place in the area.

Area representative Anthony Boots Martinez: We build the most house at Port Loyola, we do the most street at Port Loyola, Central American boulevard. Allan Pitts just done, Nurse Finley, Gill St. all of those streets they are cement. We move down London bridge as per constituency.”

Reporter: “He took credit for Gill St. “

Area representative Anthony Boots Martinez: It doesn’t really matter; you are talking about what is stagnant. Nothing there is stagnant sir; when you look at it the most houses ever built in one constituency is under my tender.”

The Minister boasted that he has served the longest term for Port Loyola since the constituency was created.