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Minister Anthony Martinez speaks on missing City Council equipment

For the past few weeks, a lot has been said by the current Belize City Council, in regards to the three pieces of heavy duty equipment, which was reported missing after a special audit was done. Since then, several queries had been made to the Ministry of Finance and the previous city council about the location of the equipment. Two of them have been returned but reports were that the third piece, a bobcat, was located on two properties being managed by Minister Anthony Martinez. Yesterday, he responded to the allegation.

Minister Anthony Martinez: “I was never apart of a quarrel. I sat in a meeting but I was never apart of a quarrel nothing.”

Reporter 1: “And then the equipment ended up at the compound.”

Reporter 2: “Which the premier said they never used.”

Minister Anthony Martinez: “Let me tell you something; they never use.”

Reporter 3: “They didn’t use it because he never got it he says.”

Reporter 2: “No no they never used the compound because you said they were borrowing it.”

Minister Anthony Martinez: “The green building is right; go and talk to the mayor, talk to the people that work at city council. Talk to Joseph Lawrence, talk to all of them. Its up there they were housed.”

Reporter 2: “You said because they already had the four and half mile compound.”

Minister Anthony Martinez: “Listen to me I said to you in the last interview that you did up to here. I said go and find out about the building right there. The building move from 3 ⅓ miles and went to 4 ½ miles you know. That doesn’t mean you find the man who had it then that is a question for them and the man who had it. There is no question for me.”

Reporter 3: “Maybe they need your assistance for nothing sir.”

Minister Anthony Martinez: “They don’t need my assistance for nothing. What do they need my assistance for? they found the man that had the tree.”

The Minister insisted that he has no knowledge of the missing equipment since he is the Minister of Human Development and he was never a part of the Belize City Council.