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Minister Balderamos Calls on Fathers to be More Involved in the Lives of Children

On Monday the Ministry of Rural Transformation and the Ministry of Human Development launched the Rural Woman Economic Empowerment Project in Belmopan. The objective of this initiative is to foster women’s empowerment by developing potential businesses to improve both the economic and social well-being of rural women. Minister Dolores Balderamos Garcia says this will not only stimulate economic activities but produce the double dividend of benefiting women and children which is pivotal to the health and social development of families, communities, and the country. During an interview, the Minister was frank and called out fathers who failed to contribute to the development of their families.

Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Minister of Human Development: “Sometimes I get very angry and I believe that there is justifiable annoyance when we talk to some of our men. We have many good men who support their children but there are too many, too many, who believe that maybe all they have to do is donate the sperm and that’s the end of the story. You know? No, I have to be very frank about that. So many single mothers out there. Why do we have this term “single mothers”? They didn’t become a mother by themselves and the children need support. I can give an example of a family in Gracie Rock. The great grandad passed away of various complications, not COVID. The grandmother of the children did pass away from complications  of COVID and so the family now is only the mother and two boy children, no father around. Not even a copper, as we would say in Belize, not even a brass copper the father is contributing to those two children and one of them is about to go into highschool.”