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Minister Bernard Says his Ministry Won’t Continue to Allow Ian Jones to Hinder its Work

Minister Kevin Bernard was also asked about the Marion Jones Sports Complex and the former Director of the National Sports Council, Ian Jones. Jones reportedly is taking legal action after he was removed from the post. Minister Bernard says that his ministry is standing its ground and won’t continue to allow Jones to hinder its work.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Youth, Sports & E Governance: “I think the media at some point had gone to the Marion Jones to look at the facility. First of all millions of dollars gone into that facility completely undone. We only look at the first floor and second floor I believe and you’d know when you go up on the third floor on the other area you wonder where the money got to. We are as you’re aware that we did ask Mr.Jones to leave, we have a new director at the time it was Mr.Oscar who is now the Ambassador to Mexico. We have brought in Ina Cal, not Ian Jones but Ian Cal, and we had hoped that Mr.Jones would have done the right thing and simply resigned. Lo and behold he has sent a letter saying that he will take the Ministry, the National Sports Council to court and challenge to his – we’re going to challenge that as well. I will say this though, and I have said it before that when we look at what was happening there maybe he could say that when he was there he was the one who brought up the issue of the audit report and so forth I cannot attest to that. I can tell that when I got there and the report I got people that were employed at the NSC that was not even show a day for work, equipment that were at the NSC that has disappeared overnight. So these are the things that we are looking at at the Marion Jones. I’m not casting any blame on Mr.Jones here but I’m just saying that there were a lot of things that also went wrong and we had to ensure that we fixed that as well. So we do have that pending issue when it comes to his employment matter but we are moving on. We’re not gonna have that hider us.”