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Minister Bernard Sends Warning to Doctors Working at Both Public and Private Hospitals

Health and Wellness Minister Kevin Bernard is also putting doctors who work at public health facilities on notice. According to Minister Bernard, these doctors knowingly send patients to private health clinics even though places like the KHMH or the NRH offer services the patient is looking for. Bernard says this needs to stop immediately.
Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health & Wellness: “Doctors working in the public facilities need to also understand that when somebody goes to KHMH, when somebody goes to the Northern Regional Hospital and you’re a doctor employed by this Government, you cannot be sending people to Healthcare Partners or Medical Associates or to Northern Medical because you have specific service you provide in the private facility either. Government, once Government can provide that surgery or that service and you’re working at that public facility then you ought to do your job in making sure that that patient is addressed at that facility. So I’m also making that caution that we are going to be monitoring those issues as well because that is, and let’s be, let’s be real. Those things have been occurring for quite a long time and it cannot be countenanced anymore. It cannot be tolerated anymore. We have to understand that the health of this nation is the wealth of this nation and our healthy nation will be a better society. So we have to base ourselves on that and it comes from the leadership level that we are putting forward, at the same time every single person who works in the Ministry of Health, whether you’re at the public hospital at KHMH or at the Northern Regional or Southern Regional, you must provide quality healthcare service to the Belizean people.”

Reporter: Because, in the public hospital it would be cheaper but if you go to private hospitals it’s like thousands…

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health & Wellness:“You’re killing people.”

Reporter: …and thousands of dollars more for people. 

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health & Wellness: “Yeah. People go to these public hospitals because they cannot afford to go to the private facilities. So I am very supportive of the Chairman and the Board of KHMH who said we want to improve services. We want to provide services and we want to ensure that we can bring in our own CT-Scan machine, MRI Machine, Radiology, a diagnostics. Get that thing going man.””