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Minister Beverly Williams says ‘yes’ to the ICJ

Cabinet Minister Beverly Williams says she will vote ‘yes’ to take the Belize Guatemala dispute to the International Court of Justice. In less than a year, Minister Williams and other eligible voters will decide whether to take the claim to the ICJ. The Government is expected to ramp up its impartial education campaign with the hopes to inform voters about the very important decision. Minister Williams says she made up her mind years ago.

Minister of Immigration Beverly Williams: I will vote yes go to the ICJ and this isn’t only, I have listened carefully and anybody who hasn’t listened, listen to Stuart Leslie. Excellent presentation, really he convinced me but I was convinced from a teenager because no other than my uncle the Honorable Philip Goldson I heard that first word ICJ from him all the way back when he was talking about neighbor and when my mom asked what is ICJ? He explained and I recall him clearly saying “this matter will never be resolved unless we go to the ICJ”. Nothing is cut and dry and nothing is hard and fast but he was pro ICJ; I can say that from a family perspective and I believe that some of the things that are now being associated with the Honorable Philip Goldson are not fair to his memory. He is not a person of adversity, he was always a person for peace and he was pro ICJ.

The ICJ referendum will be held on April 10, 2019.