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Minister Castro Not to Be Judged By Sons’ Actions

The run-ins of the Castro brothers, 23 year old Wasani Castro and 21 year old Jafari Castro, with authorities on Friday have once more placed the name of Minister Edmund Castro, their father, in the spotlight, and not for very positive reasons. After having escaped official charges for not producing a valid driver’s license or for traveling in an unlicensed vehicle, and the alleged assault of police, much of the public has expressed dismay at the perceived preferential treatment they have received. Today, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber told the media that the younger Castros’ encounters with police and customs officials on Friday is unfortunate but the incidents do not overshadow the Minister’s work for the UDP.


“It is unfortunate that that has happened, also unfortunate that the minister is tarnished by this action that has come from his children. In creole we say, “if the man dies you won’t bury his children, if the children die you won’t bury the father,” but in so far as Mr. Castro is a public figure we’ve all become accustomed to these kinds of attacks but while at least the people who are trying to gun at him for what his son has done, I know that Minister Castro is very busy on the ground working. You’ve seen the flooding situation, the heavy rains we have had. In fact he wasn’t in Cabinet yesterday because of his hard work so I won’t run him down for something that he wasn’t personally responsible for and I support him in his work as he continues to do a stellar job in the portfolio assigned to him.”