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Minister Chebat Apologizes his Comments on KHMHA’s Board

Minister of Health, Michel Chebat has issued an apology to the Board of Governors at the KHMHA, saying that perhaps his statements to the media earlier this week may have been too abrasive. Chebat appeared briefly on The Morning Show today where he discussed several areas in the health sector including his comments on the senior heads of the KHMH.

Michel Chebat, Ministry of Health and Wellness: “I do understand that perhaps in that interview I may have come off a bit aggressive. It has been a difficult eleven months. It has not been easy. It’s not easy to see people dying and families mourning. It has not been easy to see the stress and really the suffering of our healthcare workers. It has not been easy and you know sometimes I’ll tell you I get a little bit defensive and so forth but at the end of the day Thamar we have an obligation to this country. As the Minister of Health and Wellness, as the person entrusted to lead this fight and to make sure that our people have the best possible healthcare in this country you know it is really my responsibility to be able to reach out to everyone and to make sure we have the alliances, to make sure that we have the organizations and the policies in place that will lead to the best possible healthcare service to the people of this country. I know that my comments, and perhaps it was in the way that I expressed myself, may have rubbed some of the members of the board wrongly. I know that Dr.Cuellar was particularly upset at what I had said but I appointed Dr.Cuellar to the board and not to muzzle him but because I respect him and that I believe he has a lot to offer to this country. He has a wealth of experience, he’s respected by the medical community and it is partnerships with people like him that we need to be able to move the healthcare system of this country forward and so you know I do accept that I may have been a bit brash in my comments but like I said I am meeting with the chairman of the board today and the expectation is that we’re gonna be finding that we can work together as a ministry and as the tertiary referral hospital of this country, absolutely.”