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Minister Chebat Speaks on the Roll Out of the Pfizer Vaccine

The rollout of the Pfizer vaccine is into its third day. Minister Chebat explained that his ministry has teamed up with the Ministry of Education to ensure that the outreach of the Pfizer vaccine is widespread.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “On Monday we vaccinated 1,494 kids with the Pfizer vaccine and yesterday we did another 1,445. The uptake of the Pfizer vaccine has been going tremendously. What we’ve done with the Pfizer is that Cabinet made a decision that this vaccine, at least this initial shipment was to be reserved for our children between the ages of 12 and 17. And so what we’ve done is we’ve teamed up with the Ministry of Education and we’re using gymnasiums and other school facilities so that the kids can come there to get vaccinated. I want to make this point though that regardless of whether you are in school or not every child in Belize between the ages of 12 and 17 is entitled to this vaccination. So even if you’re not , for example, if they’re doing it at SJC and you’re not a student at SJC you can go to SJC and be vaccinated you just need to bring along an adult who can sign the consent form for you. Our goal is to try to have our kids back in school no later than the fourth of October and so that we’re working very closely with the Ministry of Education to try to accomplish this. The parents you know because we’re dealing with minors the parents have to attend with the kids and so the parents come there fully conscious that their kids will be vaccinated and consenting to it and so that most of these parents themselves have been vaccinated so that they believe in the vaccine, they know the benefit of the vaccine.”