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Minister of Culture Patrick Faber speaks of visit with Hollywood Execs

The Minister of Sports and Culture, Patrick Faber recently returned from the USA where he attended a luncheon with Hollywood executives and investors. The event was the 4th Annual Belize Film Commission/Hollywood Luncheon in Southern California. The Belize Film Commission said the event presented an “opportunity for Belize to show itself in the best light as a film production friendly jurisdiction while promoting Belizean talent to international partners looking for locations and investment opportunities outside the US”. Today Minister Faber spoke about the Hollywood experience.

Minister of Education Honorable Patrick Faber: We met with those who were from various areas; from Directing, Screenplay writing, acting even to see what they are saying they would need to see in our Belizean context for them to come to do business in Belize and likewise we get an opportunity to share with them, give an invitation and promote Belize as a natural environment for the film industry. There were a number of exciting things on that visit but one of the things that struck me that would be most beneficial to Belize was the development of a film school here in Belize and also that school will bring an online distance component  where we will have the experts in world renown entities aiming to train our local Belizeans but not only our local Belizeans, our regional people so that Belize could become a possible hub for talent that the industry needs whenever they come to this side of the world to film. That was exciting for me because then if you are going to any parts of Central America to do a film or even in the Caribbean that talent could be identified through that school that does training here in Belize and also it makes for our local industry a good partner because then our local people can be trained with some of the skills that are needed in the industry so that when people choose Belize to make a film they can come here and pick from our people that those talents that they are looking for as opposed to bringing in their own talent from outside so that’s a plus for our people.

Representatives of the Belize Film Commission along with the National Institute of Culture and History, and the Consulate General of Belize, as well as members of the Belizean diaspora involved in the film industry, took part in the event.