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Minister of Education comments on this year’s PSE results

The 2019 Primary School Examinations were released earlier this week and the results proved that schools in the rural communities are fighting to be on top. While there wasn’t a major rise or fall in the overall grades, Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, says that the education stakeholders need to “tighten up” so that the young children of Belize can keep excelling.

Honorable Patrick Faber: “The results this year don’t demonstrate any departure from what we are now very much accustomed to and that is for us very concerning. Some will point out in fact that there are some areas that have gone down. I think they have said that Science has gone down a bit, those matters are concerning for us so we will look at the situation and of course we will double our efforts once again to try to ensure that these holes are plugged. By and large there have been tremendous investments on the part of the Government, tremendous interventions on the part of the Ministry of Education in order to ensure that these grades are improving but also the chances of our children surviving the world after they leave primary school improves to that end. While it is that the Government will not shy away from its responsibility we must consider as well that there are other factors that affect how our children are performing and that means everyone needs to tighten up. In particular schools themselves, if a school is not performing well, that school should develop a plan: one for the long term, one for the medium term and one for the short term to say what it is that we are going to do to try to improve. It is rare when we see this happen and this is why the Ministry now recognizes the efforts of schools that improve over time. You will see on Wednesday when we have the National Award Ceremony that we award schools who improve even though they might not be among the schools that produced the top performers because that is what is important, for people to take ownership of these grades or products if you will. That we demand that we will do better and crack down at all levels but these levels that the Ministry might not be seeing as well for us to do better and have better results.”

Minister Faber also called on teachers and parents to continue to be intimately involved in the education of the students.//////////