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Minister Espat Says Southside Citizens are Suffering

The House of Representatives met yesterday for over fourteen hours in Belmopan. With nineteen Bills and several Motions on the agenda, the meeting began at ten o’clock Tuesday morning and ended just before one o’clock this morning. Aside from the proposed amendments to legislation, several matters of national concerns were also brought to the forefront. Among them was the condition of living of Belizeans particularly on the south side of Belize City. Speaking on this was Minister of Infrastructure Development, Julius Espat who first spoke on the unfinished Finance Building on Chetumal Boulevard.

Julius Espat, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Housing: “Eleanor Hall building – shit mi blood raise up when I think about that building mi blood raise up. My apologies I didn’t – yeah. It raise up too much. I stood at the fifth floor of the building Madam Speaker two days ago when I did my tour and I looked across at the Honorable Cordel Hyde’s constituency Madam Speaker and I cried. I didn’t tell my brother that I cried but I cried because how can you justify twenty eight million dollars for a structure of that type when you have people living in the conditions that they are living Madam Speaker ? I would invite you Madam Speaker you need to go to the fifth floor of that building and look across and see the condition in which the member from Mesop should understand, it is true member from Mesop these people on the south side they are suffering Madam Speaker. I got some videos from a lady I knew one from Lake I- and that’s why I did the tour – one from Lake I and one from Belama Phase Four. The water was in the house. In fact the lady asked me how I could hold down the palettes that I walk to get to the house because if water was so high that the palettes were floating away. And so I told them you know the only thing I could think of is getting a piece of steel and bend it and mash it in and hold it down, put a piece of  rock or something; I was trying to communicate with them but how could we help ? And then I go to this building and I see twenty eight million dollars my brother, twenty eight million dollars and I said ‘God, what could we have done for those people for twenty eight million dollars ?’ And so now we are here trying to finish the building after you have spent twenty of the twenty eight so what do we do ? What do you want us to do ? Leave the twenty there so that the building is dilapidated and twenty million dollars goes to waste? Or do you want us to finish it at least so that the government can take advantage of it in a way that is a little bit more efficient than they’re doing right now. But priorities man, you guys really had it bad. Caracol road, I am trying to finish a road I tried saving twenty eight million dollars to finish the road but yet it hurts my heart when I’m spending those millions and millions and millions of dollars leading to nowhere. When that same money could have helped the people that you said you are fighting for my brother -“

Valerie Woods, House Speaker: “Please remember we refer to each other as Honorable Member.”

Julius Espat, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Housing: “I apologize, me and him have a little thing going it’s not a bad thing so sometimes when I look at him it’s my brother I’m talking about – I apologize Madam Speaker. Member from Mesop you didn’t take me on your trip when you were drinking the Hennessey you took my brother over there you didn’t take me. I wasn’t going to go anyway.”

Love News understands that the Belize Tax Service will be eventually relocate to the Eleanor Hall Building on Chetumal Boulevard.