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Minister Ferguson Addresses Fuente Del Norte Allegations

Minister of Transport, Rodwell Ferguson, was recently the topic of speculation as reports were publicized, saying that he had made agreements with Guatemala that would jeopardize Belize’s bus operators.  Reports from Guatemala falsely claimed that Fuente del Norte bus line was given permission to operate in Belize. Ferguson adamantly says that no such approval was given. He added that he met the with the owner of Fuente del Norte and the Guatemalan Minister of Transport to discuss a plan that would be beneficial for both countries, meaning if Fuente del Norte entered Belize, then Belizean bus operators would be able to make runs into Guatemala.

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Youth, Sports, and Transportation: “I said unless it can  be vice versa and reciprocal then we will allow you to come into Belize. I always say that if Cabinet says otherwise then I will have to follow what Cabinet says and so about a month ago, the owner of Fuente del Norte from Guatemala, came to see me in Belize and he said he wants to resume the run that they had before COVID and I told them again, if you want to resume that run then it must be reciprocal where we can go into Flores, Guatemala and so he told me that that will have to be a decision of the Ministry of Transport in Guatemala and so he made an arrangement for me to visit Guatemala and I met the Vice Presidents along with the Vice Minister of Transport. We had two meetings and we also invited the Minister of Tourism and the police and the discussion was very big and we came to a consensus that if either or either, you cannot come into Belize if we cannot come into Guatemala. My trip was very brief and short. I travelled 12 hours by road to get there and 12 hours to return. So we went on a Wednesday evening at 6:00 and we returned on a Saturday morning at 6 am. There was no time for mischief. So who wants to make mischief, there’s a God above. I always say because I’m a believer of my Creator. He can strike me down dead if I am telling any lies and nothing transpired as what I’ve seen on Facebook. If anybody wants to make politics from it, it is fine. I know I am clear and clean. I was trying to negotiate for the country of Belize.”

Reporter: Just to set the record straight, we will not be seeing any Fuente del Norte buses coming into Belize nor ADO buses as of right now? 

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Youth, Sports, and Transportation: “Unless they agree for our buses to go into that country, I maintain my position. Only Cabinet can change my position.”

Minister Ferguson says similar consultations were made with the popular Mexican bus line, ADO.  Fuente Del Norte and ADO ceased bus runs into Belize when the Covid-19 pandemic hit.