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Minister Ferguson Addresses the BBA’s Concern about Bus Fares

In late April, a document sent to the Belize Bus Association (BBA) by the Ministry of Transport was leaked to the media. On that document was several proposals one which stated that students should pay only half the price to use public transportation. However, that pitch did not sit right with the BBA and its members who told the media that they never agreed to that proposal. Today, Minister of Transport Rodwell Ferguson spoke to Love News about the issue. He says that his Ministry will be meeting with the BBA to resolve the matter as soon as possible.
Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Youth & Sports: “There are specific buses that very well transport school children across the country. In particular regions, there might not be enough and so we are saying then that for the most part, we want them to catch the school buses on a daily basis and that will alleviate the discrepancy to say okay I have my bus, I will catch it and go to school. And the operators are complaining that they can’t afford to charge half price and what do you consider school children? Because if somebody is going to 6th form, it’s no longer school children. It’s adult education. So then they have to figure how they can recover their costs by picking up these passengers and charging a reasonable fee based on their expenses and so when that release was actually leaked, there was an internal memo to try and figure out what is the best possible solution. It was leaked to the media but I am quite sure that we are going to resolve that issue maybe by next week, bring another press release to say this is what is going to happen with the school transportation and the commuters when it comes to students. I would say sometimes they miss their school bus and they want to catch passenger bus which is for two different categories completely. So we want to ensure that they catch their right school bus to reach to school with their school students, not with passengers. So I’m hopeful that we can resolve that situation for the best interests of the students especially because we want to provide quality education for our children so if they have to reach to school by school bus then we have to figure out what is the best way forward.”