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Minister Ferguson says He Plans to Improve the Local Bus Industry

Thousands of Belizeans who rely on the bus industry complain very often that the service they receive is unreliable, disorganized and frustrating for many years but the Minister of Public Utilities, Energy and Logistics Rodwell Ferguson is seeking to change that. Minister Ferguson met with the Belize Bus Association in January with plans to improve the industry and support bus operators. As recommended by the Comprehensive National Transportation Master Plan, new measures were announced to be implemented including, proper vetting of first-time applications for Road Service Permits (RSP) and operators with repeated offences, depending their gravity, may have their permits suspended or even revoked. Love News got an update from Minister Ferguson on the measures.

Rodwell Ferguson, Area Rep, Stann Creek West: “Right now we are transforming the transportation industry and so within another six months or so myself and CEO will come to the nation and tell you what we have accomplished over the last year.”

Reporter: But would you agree that the bus industry in particular is very frustrating ? While it may seem organized at the bus terminal it’s completely disorganized. I mean you have different runs, the bus industry in particular has always been a headache for Belizeans.

Rodwell Ferguson, Area Rep, Stann Creek West: “Yeah definitely it’s an issue and we are revamping the entire schedule so we are not issuing any permits until September when the board meets and go through every single run and figure out what is necessary and what is not necessary but by September we should have a response to the nation. Right now the board is meeting as I speak.”

Reporter: Okay so is it that you’re pledging that the bus industry will be improved by yourself and your government ?

Rodwell Ferguson, Area Rep, Stann Creek West: “That’s a fact and whatever discrepancy in the ministry we are going to make public and we’re going to correct it because there are several discrepancies we have met in the ministry.”