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Minister Ferguson Says Penalties to Come for Very Noisy Vehicles

Waking up to the noise of cars, buses, and trucks early in the morning is thought of as the natural start to the workday for some. However, for others, the noise is a nuisance and you can get charged for it. The Department of Transport today issued an advisory that drivers should not be excessively loud because it violates the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations. Minister of Public Utilities, Energy and Logistics, Rodwell Ferguson spoke about the issue today.

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Public Utilities and Logistics: “So when I took over the Ministry of Transportation I told my team that I’m here to work with them to improve the ministry and that is one way we want to improve it. I live on the highway and I might be in my bed early in the morning about five o’clock when a truck passes and then a bump is not far from my house so when they put on the Jake brakes it wakes me up and so we want to enforce it. It might be a bit difficult but I think we have a very good team of enforcers, I can almost assure you that we are going to make it happen. At this juncture I can’t tell you the plans because I’m not directly responsible for the penalties but I know there’s a penalty and the Ministry of Transportation is going to enforce the penalty. We now have a prosecutor on board so every ticket that’s being issued that prosecutor should be able to take it through the courts of Belize and be successful on collection of the fine.”

The advisory says that no vehicle is to be used on any public road if it is not equipped with a silencer to reduce the noise from its exhaust. No tractor truck should use Jake brakes within any municipal boundary. Drivers of tractor trucks refrain from using Jake Brakes in residential areas and silent zone areas, which includes hospitals. The department adds that it will be carrying out enforcement operations throughout the country to ensure compliance with these regulations.