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Minister Fonseca Chimes in on Weed Bill Referendum

Churches have submitted over twenty thousand signatures to the Governor-General to trigger a referendum on the legalization of marijuana. This has been a pressing issue for Belizeans across the country and today, Love News spoke with the Minister of Education, Francis Fonseca, who gave his reaction to this latest development.

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “First of all allow me to make the point that our government has had an excellent working relationship with the churches from the very beginning of our administration. I know as the Minister of Education I have had to work very closely with the churches because we have a church – state partnership in education so we Enjoy an excellent working relationship with the churches. This particular issue as you know we had a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday and at that Cabinet meeting Cabinet agreed that we would allow the referendum to go through its process, the petition has now been lodged that has to be vetted by the Elections and Boundaries Office the names on the petition and that there is a 60 day period for that to occur and after that there’s a 30 day period for the Governor General to issue a writ of referendum so we will of course respect that process and allow that process to go through.”