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Minister Habet concerned over Vulcan’s push to enter Belize

And Waterloo is not the only company fighting for its project to become reality. That’s because Vulcan Materials Company continues to assert it wants to develop a quarry in White Ridge Farm, Stann Creek. The company has received an outright rejection from the Gales Point Village community, the Minister of Natural Resources, and the CEO of the Blue Economy. Nonetheless, it insists on meeting with the Ministry of Sustainable Development to discuss its plan and outline the benefits of its proposal. Today, the Minister of Sustainable Development Orlando Habet shared his views on the company’s push to set up operations in Belize.

Orlando Habet. Minister of Sustainable Development: “I have visited the area, I know that the people are really strongly against it, not only because of the material that can possibly end up in the sea, affect the alkalinity of the ocean, and change the entire biodiversity of the area. We are also concerned that if those hills are broken down, that’s the landmark going from Belize City by boat over to Gales Point but, also on the other side of biodiversity there are a lot of animal species that will be affected. So really the ministry doesn’t look at it favourably either. Of course anybody can apply but, whether or not it will be approved is something else. But ultimately, the Government will have to decide, if not now hopefully sooner than later, on what kind of development it really wants going forward. Possibly one of the faults that we have maybe along with other governments is that we have planned and made plans for maybe 5 years after elections and we maybe have to start looking at maybe fourty, fifty year development plans and not only for the party but maybe bring in the opposition parties, the churches, and civil society, and everybody else so that we can see where we want to be in fifty years. So whether another party gets in to form the government they might be able to change how you get there but you can’t change that’s where you’re going to go because that was a national development plan.”