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Minister Habet Says Augmented Budget will be Used to Spread Joy in his Community

We also asked Minister Orlando Habet what he plans to do with his Constituency Development Fund monies. Habet who represents the Cayo Northeast says he will use the augmented budget to help needy families with food hampers and provisions for this Christmas season. Habet, however, like many other area representatives has the task of trying to satisfy most of his constituents – an impossible especially when he has to be responsible for seven villages in his area.

Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development: “So we’re giving them a basket of goods, provisions and I don’t believe that it might be enough to give 100% of all the residents or households but we’ll do as much as possible. We’re also providing the children with a goodie bag that will have little sweets, the chocolate, the apples, the biscuits, the chips and whatnot hopefully with a Santa Clause to go along with it. What we have done is that we have asked each village chairman to give us a list of the people that they have in their village and so we hae requested that they give us the number of households and then to at least try to see how we could qualify them in terms of the most needy and so we’ll try to do that from that standpoint.”

Reporter: Of course you have like any other politician your most ardent supporter who you say ‘You know what she has to get. Her family has to get.’ 

Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development: “I believe to some extent yes we won’t deny that. I think we have people who have supported us. We know that during those thirteen years also that we have a lot of these people who supported us but because they were open they never qualified even for the pantry. What I can tell you though is that through our assistance that we have been getting a few months we have tried as much as possible to give people who are the most needy and you can go into my villages and you can ask and you’ll find out that people from both sides are getting.

Reporter: Okay so they flipped that. You also have persons in your constituency who were actively campaigning against you so it would be like ‘He’s not getting, he doesn’t have to get.’

Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development:­ “Yes Hipolito I think that it is difficult to say who will get or who will not get but.”