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Minister Hulse Condemns Negativity Regarding Arson at Faber’s Home

The negative comments being spewed on social media following the arson at the home of the Deputy Prime Minister have been abundant.  Some of those who comment have not only doubted the story that the Minister’s vehicle was set on fire but they have also been gloating at the misfortune that has befallen him.  One person commented, quote, “this is funny; they should go and do it to Dean Barrow’s car too and the rest of the ministers”.  Another person wrote, quote, “ I honestly no feel sorry for him, I’m just glad that his kids are ok, all of these damn ministers are corrupt and evil there is no exceptions to this. Look what is happening to our country and neither of them care“.  End of quote.  In speaking with the Minister of Home Affairs, Godwin Hulse, he not only weighed into the incident itself but also on the negativity and hatred being displayed.


“I had a brief from the police and there is a camera that apparently picked up the image of somebody which they are pursuing at this time but yes I want to weigh in. We don’t know what is the reason for that but I am hoping that it is not what is on a lot of people’s mind that it is some sort of retaliation or whatever. The sad thing about it is what I saw on Social Media, the comments were just outrageous. Where are we going in this country, do we have that much hate in our system, that much dislike for people in our system this is not our Belize and I hope it doesn’t’ deteriorate anymore I think right now it’s bad enough. As a member of the national assembly and as a member of the senate it speaks to the security of each and every minister because you can’t really take any chances, you never know who might be out there attempting what I just hope it doesn’t get to that because I pride Belize in being free and able to live free, we are able to walk around. In my rare occasions of travelling I boast that our Prime Minister drives around on a Saturday and he doesn’t need security and that is the way I would like to keep my Belize.”


“Do you feel that following this incident that perhaps Cabinet ministers will get a security detail?”


“it could well be we have discussed that before and it is standard that the Minister of Police have a security detail, I don’t like the tail but it might become a necessary thing I don’t know.”