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Minister Hyde Says the Lands Department is In Over-Drive

And with that successful land clinic in Independence Village, Minister of Lands, Cordel Hyde told Love News that the staff at his ministry have been working overtime to process the paperworks and ease the backlog of the cases.

Cordel Hyde, Minister of Natural Resources: “What ultimately matters is that in the department we stay focused on what we’re supposed to do and we work as hard as we can, we redouble our efforts to make sure that we deliver land to the people who really need land in this country, to the people who have been disadvantaged and deprived for as long as they have that’s our mandate that’s our job and that’s where we put all our efforts and I must use this opportunity to really applaud our public officers at the lands department. I think that for too long they’ve been given a bad name, they’ve been given a bad rap but I can say to you that our people have worked really really hard they’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty, they worked until late hours every day they worked even on Saturday without overtime without complaining to try to ensure that we reach as many people as possible. It’s an ongoing process. I can tell you that we are working on nine special projects right at this very minute and it’s the same people. We’re understaffed but we’re working on those. We’ve been working on the backlog of inspections that date back to six years ago. We’re working on current applications which have not let up. Usually there’s a honeymoon period in your first year but not so. We are working on the current ones and those are a lot. Just a couple weeks ago we delivered on over two hundred purchase approvals for the people of Dangriga that’s a long time commitment that we were late in but we delivered half of those we have the other half outstanding. As I told you we were working for the last couple months on trying to ensure that we deliver a thousand instruments to people from the Stann Creek West community for our arrival here and for this clinic. We are working on getting almost eight hundred plus lots for the teachers of this country. We have a commitment to also get over four hundred and fifty lots for the nurses. We have been working on our mile 8 project we’ve done a lot there already we continue to process applications there and in two weeks time we go to Corozal. In one week we’ll do two land clinics there one in Corozal Bay and one in Corozal South East. It’s a lot of work and we’re understaffed and people are going the extra mile.”