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Minister Kareem Musa Weighs in on Prevention of Gang Retaliation

Meanwhile, Belize City police remain on high alert in the Rocky Road Area following the Father’s Day murder of Benjamin Hyde Senior.   Hyde was the father of notorious gang leader, Christopher Hyde, who was in constant feud with their neighbouring residents over on George Street.  After the broad daylight murder around three o’clock on Sunday, police presence in the area was amped up in anticipation of a retaliation.  The Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa, says his ministry is working closely with the police to ensure residence of these areas remain safe. 

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “From the ministry level what I can say is that we have along with the Belize Police Department certainly upped the presence of the patrols in particular neighborhoods where it is anticipated that there is a likelihood of retaliation. As you know a gentleman lost his life on Father’s Day and I don’t care who they say was his son that man was not involved in any crime and so it speaks volumes to where we have come as a society for such a cruel and certainly mindless, senseless, heartless act to have taken place. It certainly has ripped the family apart but at the same time the Belize Police Department understands the task at hand and it is employ it’s best efforts like I mentioned earlier.”