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Minister Kevin Bernard Named as New Minister of Health and Wellness

Since the changes in Cabinet were announced, many in the court of public opinion have questioned the ability of Minister Kevin Bernard to handle the Ministry of Health. In the government’s release it was noted, quote, “as a former three-time Mayor of the Orange Walk Town Council, Kevin Bernard has considerable experience in a broad spectrum of public sector and stakeholder management.” End of quote. Adding to that vote of confidence was Minister of Public Service, Henry Charles Usher.

Henry Charles Usher, Chairman, People’s United Party: “I can tell you minister Kevin Bernard is an excellent manager, an excellent administrator, he displayed that a three term / four term mayor of orange town, he has displayed that in just a single year, he has created a ministry from nothing. The Ministry of E- Governance He has brought that to the forefront, he has really brought that portfolio forward and so I have every confidence that as Minister of Health he’ll be able to carry out the objectives of plan Belize and the objectives of this government.”

Minister Kevin Bernard was first elected in 2009 as an Orange Walk Town Councilor. He served one term in that capacity and then ascended to Mayor for three consecutive terms, after which he entered national politics and was elected as Area Representative for Orange Walk East.