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Minister Mahler Clarifies Tour guide Licensing Requirements

Also last week, FECTAB complained that tour guides would need to complete core courses to obtain or renew a tour guide license. Tourism Minister Anthony Mahler explained. 

Hon. Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism: “As long as you are a tour guide you don’t need to go through any core training. What we are trying to do is upgrade and it’s going to be optional so my vision for tour guide training in Belize is that you have a general level and then you have specialized areas. So if you want to be a specialized birder that’s one thing, if you want to do dive certifications that’s another thing, if you want to just focus on the history of the Maya that is another thing, if you want to do marine tours that’s a different thing and so we will provide training opportunities that are optional. No tour guide who has a license right now and that will need to renew in July will need to go through any training that is not the fact. In the new program we’re looking at advancing and improving the program. Again thirteen, fourteen, fifteen years ago personally I was responsible for training and I restructured training back then and the quality of the guides went up that is what we’re trying to do continuously improve the standards in Belize.”