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Minister Mai Says He is Looking into Producing Domestic Biofertilizer

The Government of Belize says that the country may need to start utilizing all its resources, including animal excrements, to cut down on costs. Price inflation has put a strain on producers and consumers alike. With the increase in fuel, the price of grains and other raw materials has seen an incline as well. According to the Minister of Agriculture, Jose Mai, Belize will need to look into producing their biofertilizers..
Hon. Jose Abelardo Mai, Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise: “Feces now has become fertilizer it is not feces and it has a value. Chicken feces, cattle, pork so we have to look at what we have in the country and develop bio fertilizers so that we can teach the farmers how to use their own products. I think Guatemala is moving in the same direction, I think DR is in the same direction. We have the formula for it, we have been doing  it on a small scale now we have to expand on it and spread it to the other districts especially farmers who do vegetables, onions, potatoes and so on because you will not be able to afford the fertilizer. Now in the case of the cane farmers where you have 60,000 acres of suga cane what can be done? Bagasse – and again the transporting it sounds easy but there are logistical costs. Transporting Bagasse, spreading it on the field may be the same as buying the fertilizer if you look at it.”
Mai added that it is important for farmers to look into alternative sources and technologies to alleviate the economic strains they are facing.