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Minister Mai Urges HOR Colleagues to get Vaccinated

There will be a Special Sitting of the House of Representatives on Monday, October 25. And while the gallery remains close to the public, media houses were reminded last week that the National Assembly building is a government building and thus, COVID-19 regulations will be implemented. Members of the media who wish to enter the National Assembly building on that day will be required to present a negative PCR or Rapid test or vaccination card. The regulations also say that members of the National Assembly and persons involved in the functioning of any sitting of the National Assembly may gather in numbers of more than ten persons at any sitting of the National Assembly. However, not everyone who works in the National Assembly Building is vaccinated as shown by data shared last week by the Ministry of Health. We asked Cabinet Minister Jose Mai about it today.

Reporter: The data that came out of the Ministry of Health last week said that only 85% of the National Assembly is vaccinated. Which means 15% isn’t.

Jose Abelardo Mai, Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise: “If that is true that’s disgraceful and I will tell my colleagues that they are failing and they must vaccinate themselves. I don’t play with my life and the life of my family I need to vaccinate myself and I need a third one I would get it. Our people are dying around us, the possibility of dying if you don’t have a vaccine is higher so I encourage my colleagues to get vaccinated. They should have been the first ones to get vaccinated.”