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Minister Musa on COVID-19 Clusters

Home Affairs Minister Kareem Musa says the outbreak at the casino must be addressed carefully since almost two hundred person rely on the casino for an income. Minister Musa told the press that one of the best way to get a handle on the outbreak is to implement a robust contact tracing exercise to prevent further infections.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “I think that casinos offer a lot in terms of employment for our Belize City residents. I think as much as two hundred employees and so again you have to look at the balance, how many people are you going to put once again out of employment? And so what we have done instead of doing it straight across the board shutting down the two casinos we’ve only shut down, temporarily, the Princess Casino and then of course Tropicana Casino still operates. As I have been informed the Ministry of Health went in there and did tests on all the employees and all of them came back negative and so that’s good news. So what it means though it means that the Ministry of Health will have to do continuous ongoing tests at these establishments more so than any other establishment because you saw how quickly it spread within the Princess Casino and so we have to keep a very close eye on that. We have to look at that in terms of how many of them go home to their families, the contact tracing that is currently ongoing at the Ministry of Health it’s a significant workload and so I believe at this time keeping the curfew in place is a good idea the ten o’clock during the week and on Fridays and Saturdays at midnight.”