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Minister Musa Responds to the UDP’s call for his Resignation

‘Grab a Snickers and watch as we fix this problem that you all created’. These are the words of Minister Kareem Musa as he responded to his predecessor, Michael Peyrefitte. As we reported yesterday, the Opposition has called for Musa and his CEO Kevin Arthurs to resign after they have failed to meaningfully address the crime situation. Speaking on the matter for the opposition was Peyrefitte who told Love News that when Musa was in opposition he seemed to have had all the answers to stop crime; now that he is in office he has failed. Minister Musa told our newsroom that he is not fazed by the comments and finds them to be hypocritical.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries: “If it were not a serious issue I would laugh. To hear Mr.Peyrefitte actually go on your newscast for the resignation of myself and the CEO. It’s the equivalent of you lending out your car for thirteen years the person that you loaned your car to destroying that car completely, breaking it up and then returning it to you and the moment you open the hood to try to fix that car that they broke they say “Gimme back mi car.” That is what the UDP is doing and it is not surprising because I guess thirteen years of being drunk on power would do that to somebody like Mr.Peyrefitte. So all my advice to him is if he’s so hungry for power just grab a Snickers and watch as we fix this problem that you all created. It’s going to take time and what I am very grateful for and appreciative is that we have the buy-in of so many stakeholders to actually tackle the root causes of crime.”

In the UDP’s press release on Monday, the party said that for the period of January to September 2021, there were already ninety murders, compared to seventy-four (for the same period in 2020. However, Minister Musa countered that during the UDP’s thirteen years in office, the country saw great bloodshed in the streets.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries: “Listening to Mr.Peyrefitte and a few months ago Mr.Aragon I believe for the United Democratic Party actually criticizing our administration for our strategies on crime. In 2012 Mr.Aragon won’t remember this but he was the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Belize City you know. If you recall in 2012 what their strategy was was to pay gang members that was their actual strategy. What you think the gang members did with that money ? They bought more and more guns, they bought more and more drugs and so 2012 when Aragon was in charge of Belize City that was the most murderous year in the history of Belize. I think it was a hundred and forty three murders that year. So that is what the UDP needs to be reminded of. Their failed policies, their failed strategies and Mr.Peyrefitte as well as Mr.Saldivar for the last thirteen years every single year has been one hundred and thirty murders, one hundred and forty, one hundred and twenty five so they need to check themselves if they’re calling for my resignation what their admitting to and what they’re confessing is that they themselves were failures. They were abject failures more so because they were the ones in charge of south side Belize City and had zero plan for the city of Belize. They had five hundred million dollars worth of PetroCaribe you know. Five hundred million. What did they do in terms of elevating and uplifting the lives of south side residents? Absolutely nothing and so they should be very ashamed to actually show their faces. To show their faces and call for resignation when in fact they’re the ones who presided over this. This entire mess it’s going to take time to fix it. I am dedicated, I am committed to it and I have a team in the Leadership Intervention Unit, in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Human Development, Ministry of Education all of us all hands on deck we will fix this problem and that must be a very scary thought for them.”