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Minister Musa Says a Pilot Project for Free Education on Southside Belize City is on the Way

On the education front, the ministry is moving full steam ahead with its pilot project of free education on the southside of Belize City. It is a multi-prong approach as the Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa, explained that this project is part and parcel of the crime reduction strategy.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries: “We are finalizing the Ministry of Education’s decision – very very bold decision – to pilot and project on the south side the unlocking of free education for the at risk and vulnerable population in Belize City. We will establish the cure violence model in the form of our very own Heal Up Belize program training key personnel and stakeholders in the community to interrupt violence immediately and to provide much needed counseling and mentoring services. We will enroll three hundred at risk youth in the first instance in an on the job skills training program, a clean up and beautification monthly program and establishing twelve new community hubs which have been success stories in Belize City that highlight and promote the talent, skill and craft of our young Belizean men and women. And Madam Speaker let me take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the pioneers of this community hub concept being the Love Foundation, Koble Foundation, and of course with the assistance of the US Embassy who will be opening a sixth community hub this coming Monday in the Jump Street /Rocky Road area of Belize City. The impact of these community hubs Madam Speaker has been powerful and infectious. Madam Speaker it will take all of us. Cabinet cares, the Prime Minister cares. He has declared that southside Belize City will be declared a special development area. This is big for investments, this is big for jobs, and this is big for improving the lives of the south side of Belize City.”