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Minister Musa Says Eighteen Cops are on Suicide Watch

While the PM is working to improve the conditions at KHMH, the Minister of Home Affairs is working on getting eighteen cops off suicide watch. Earlier today Minister Kareem Musa spoke about the mental health issues among the force and noted that eighteen officers are still on suicide watch. Musa says that apart from police facing issues at home they also deal with many hectic issues in the workplace. And, according to Musa, this issue has prompted his ministry to request an in-house psychologist for the police department.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries: “Often times as laymen and as citizens we don’t understand and appreciate the strain that our public officers are going through this very difficult period since COVID. We’re talking doctors, nurses. We’ve seen them, the type of stress and strain that they’re under and police officers are no different. Like you rightly said they work very long hours, they’re on the street, they’re on the beat, many times and of course the 10% has affected them as it has affected all of our public officers but certainly coming in the future we’re hoping that we can restore that quicker than the three years that we have undertaken with the public services, that we can restore that 10% because as we have seen the economy has begun already to turn around which is a positive thing. But in terms of the mental health of our officers that is something that I have been absolutely adamant about. Of course public service takes long to get things into place but we’ve already submitted the request to finance to have an in house psychologist assigned to the police department because there was one assigned to the public service but of course that person is overwhelmed by so many other public officers but we do need one specifically for the police department and that is something that I am sure will be coming in the weeks ahead.”