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Minister Musa Says Everyone is a Suspect in Recent Drug Plane Landing

The landing of a drug plane in Bladen Village on November 4, there are many questions left unanswered including whether there were more senior police officers involved in the landing. Musa changed the narrative, however, saying that the public is pulled by the corrupt police officers but there has been no focus on the brave officers who attempted to face the drug movers.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “I find it regrettable because we forget that there were four very brave officers who risked their lives to go after an airplane likely knowing that it was drugs on that plane and to actually engage with those at the scene both civilians and allegedly police officers as well. And so we have to commend their bravery for actually doing that that night. That is huge, that is heroic and nobody has said that. Instead we are focusing that there were police officers at the scene. Now which of you in here as members of the media have not heard before that police officers are involved in this and I’m sure all of you have heard it. So if you’re giving me the option to say Minister we’ll give you A) You can catch the drugs but you don’t catch who landed the plane or who facilitated it or B) You also catch the drugs and you catch those individuals responsible for facilitating the plane landing. I will always choose B. As much a it is painful to see as minister to see that there are corrupt officers involved it’s all over the world. The same night one landed in Guatemala, eight officers in their uniforms were caught at the scene of the plane and so it’s not unique to Belize. And so it might be a very difficult pill to swallow as a country but that is how we root out the corrupt officers. Yes when you peel off the band aid the sore is not a pretty one. The People’s United Party did not create that sore and I won’t want to place it all on the UDP for creating that sore either, it’s not a pretty sight but in order for you to treat the wounds that are within the department you must first see it and so I feel good as minister and I’m proud of those four officers that night for actually capturing not just the load but for capturing those that were at the scene as well.”

As for the involvement of other police officers, Minister Musa says everyone is a suspect in the drug landing.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “I can’t say that one way or the other Duane but what I will tell you is this: everybody police and civilians can be a suspect in this case. This is an open investigation and so if it is that the evidence as you know there were four cellphones found at the scene we have already gotten the court order to access the contents of those cellphones and if it is on that cellphone there is a message to you Duane we will naturally bring you in for questioning, doesn’t mean you’re guilty but we have to look at everybody as a suspect. So it doesn’t matter if it’s the Commissioner all the way down to a police constable or an ACP or a DCP whatever the case may be everybody has to be a suspect and so this case is by no means an open and shut case. We’re looking at all angles we have the DEA also involved in the investigation not directly of course and I’ve actually had a sit down with the head of the DEA and they have assured me that they feel confident in the team of investigators that we have assigned to this particular case. So I feel comfortable but at the same time let us not forget Duane that one everybody is a suspect and two this is not a closed investigation by any means.”