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Minister Musa Says Gang Truces Are Not the answer to Crime

Since the murder of fifteen-year-old Dwayne Gabourel, several gangs of the twenty-seven gangs operating in Belize City have pledged to a “gang truce”. While there is a debate on whether the truces work or not, the fact is that it will take more than just a fragile truce to properly address the issue of gang and gun violence that has become rampant in southside Belize City. Earlier today, Minister of Home Affairs Kareem Musa told Love News that while he is not a fan of such things, his ministry is seeking to work with gangsters that genuinely want to change.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries: “I don’t want to hang my hat on any gang truce or any intervention. It’s very important for us to listen and where we can assist those individuals who have decided to turn over a new leaf, and that’s a very small percentage of them, to listen to them and try to find an avenue for them to come out. But I can tell you that a majority of them are not serious that is a fact. A majority of that gang members are not serious. We have seen where there are about four different truces that were formed over the last month one of them has already broken but the other ones seem to be intact and we have to provide that support, not necessarily from the Ministry of Home Affairs but from the Ministry of Youth and Human Development to intervene and to offer any sort of assistance not financial because we’re not in a position to pay anybody that’s not our job but so as to pave a way for those who don’t want to continue in a life of crime and again to get their children in school because we have to break the cycle. They don’t want that life of crime and violence for their kids. When you talk to gang members who are in their forties, forty five, they don’t want their children to grow up and to follow the same path that they did and so we have to break that cycle if not we will have twenty seven gangs morphing into fifty gangs in the upcoming years. And so like I said it’s a long road back that we have to start now and I’m so happy like I said to have the cooperation and the assistance of such a wonderful team in the Leadership Intervention Unit.”