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Minister Musa Says His Ministry is Working Closely with the DEA

During today’s press brief with Minister Musa, he spoke on the recent drug busts of November 2020 where several law enforcement officers were arrested and charged for their alleged involvement. Musa says the ministry works closely with the US Drug Enforcement Agency, and that the last situation they would want to have on their hands is a full-blown infiltration of the drug cartels as is seen in Mexico.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries: “I think the DEA for the most part,  I’ve spoken with members and personnel from the U.S. embassy and the DEA who are very pleased with the performance of the Police Department in capturing these last two airplanes and so if they likewise had any information, and they are in fact a part of the investigation but not directly sort of indirectly they share that with us so I can’t go into the  intricacies of that type of investigation or what the reports were getting but they are fully abreast and like I said they’re fully pleased with the performance of the department so far. We have to rely on information that we get whether it’s from the DEA or from US embassy or even members of the media that information is what we use to capture any present or future landings so we can’t disclose that type of information to the media but certainly we welcome any type of information coming in the direction of the Police Department.”