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Minister Musa Says the National Cohune Industry Will Benefit Thousand of Belizeans

Over twenty-five thousand Belizeans are set to benefit from the National Cohune Industry – that’s according to the Minister responsible New Growth Industries Kareem Musa. At the start of the month, Cabinet gave its approval for the ministry to form a working group to facilitate the development of a National Cohune Industry. Minister Musa says this working group will comprise of stakeholders and representatives from the Ministries of Energy, Economic Development, Trade, Local Government, Immigration, and Sustainable Development. He explained to Love News how the industry will have a positive impact on the community.

Kareem Musa, Minister of New Growth Industries: “We’ve been working for the last six months along with Mr.Rudy Castillo of Cohune Limited who has developed a phenomenal plan because when you look at the Cohune tree it is something that is extremely unique to this region of the world in Central America and especially Belize and it is estimated that we have some eight hundred thousand acres of wild cohune just growing. So you might ask yourself but cohune is a small nut what can that do for Belize ? He has done so much research, so much studies to actually break down the components of the cohune from the oil that has its own benefits in terms of skincare, in terms of being an additive to food products and so we’re going to be setting up a plant at mile 24 that’s actually going to have a cannery. So you’re going to manufacture products like beef stew, lobster stew and have this additive, the cohune oil additive to these products to give it a very unique Belizean flavor, that’s the kind of thing that the world is looking for. The kind of niche markets to say what does Belize have to offer and this is one of those unique products because it has a different flavor, a unique flavor that is truly Belizean. But in addition to that the shell we will take the shell of the cohune to actual combine with the methane produced at the garbage site to reduce the level of methane emissions and generate electricity. So you’re going to use the cohune shell which has incredible biomass features, more so than coal. The studies have shown that the biomass features of the cohune are even greater than coal and so that will be combined with methane from the garbage to reduce methane emissions. So again there’s a whole environmental conservation component to cohune so we’re very excited about this project. We are about to form the working group because Cabinet has approved the paper for this new industry and it could affect as much as 25,000 Belizeans because cohune trees are grown everywhere; down south in the Mayan villages if you have cohune plants you can bring your cohune nuts to the factory so incredible benefits lie ahead when it comes to the cohune industry.”