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Minister Musa Says “Tutsi” Will Receive no Special Treatment from Police

It was widely speculated that the issue of illegal firearm involving the son of PUP Minister Gilroy Usher would have been swept under the rug. On the contrary, however, Minister Kareem Musa says that ex-cop, Darrel “Tutsi” Usher will not be receiving any special treatment from police. Earlier in the week, the thirty-nine-year-old Belize City resident was charged for “kept unlicensed firearm” and “kept unlicensed ammunition”. The charges were the result of Police busting Usher with a firearm suspected to be used in the Saturday night murder of twenty-five-year-old, Jeovanni Augustine.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries: “He is currently at Hattieville prison. Sweeping something under the rug is to actually accept the defense that he was offering to say that he was turning in the gun as a former police officer himself, turning in the gun to police and police accepting that rational, that excuse and then not charging him that would have been sweeping it under the rug. The police have acted swiftly. They have charged Mr.Usher and like I said he is currently on remand at Hattieville Prison. I’m sure his attorney will be applying for bail in the upcoming weeks and that is something that he’s entitled to do but absolutely not there is no sweeping under the rug of any issue at all and in fact he has been charged with the offence.”

And if the facts that Usher is an ex-cop and the son of a government minister are not bad enough, the weapon he was carrying is registered to a woman police officer. He says that the issue is of major concern to his ministry and the police are investigating the matter.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries: “That is absolutely troubling and that is something that the commissioner and the police department is investigating thoroughly and looking at it to see whether charges can actually be brought. I know that the police officer has reported her firearm missing so we have to look at the veracity of that report and determine the way forward on that. Because if that is the case that is absolutely unacceptable and extremely troubling to me as Minister that the firearm or weapon that is issued to a police officer was used in th execution of another individual. That is extremely troubling.”