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Minister Musa weighs in on Hyde’s claim of police harassment; says police are simply doing their job

The Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa has weighed in on the claims that the police department is targeting Christopher Hyde, the alleged Leader of the Rocky Road Bloods. Following the Father’s Day murder of his father, Ben Hyde Sr., Hyde claims that the police have been harassing his family. Ben Hyde’s death was believed to be the result of gang warfare, and retaliatory violence was expected. However; the younger claims that his family will not be seeking retaliation and that the police are simply targeting him. Today, Musa commented on the situation and says that the police are just doing their jobs.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “It’s very important and I always say that while I acknowledge that we must prevent crime from taking place and as you know retaliation is a common occurence when we have such high profile murders taking place in Belize City it’s very important for us to respect the rights of individuals but at the same time the police officers do have a job to do. Police officers do not want to be monitoring any particular person or gang that’s not what they would want to be doing on a daily basis and all that I can ask is that in the process of monitoring that for the civilians and those individuals who are being monitored to comply with the police because it’s very important for the police officers to carry out their duties. I can tell you that just yesterday there was another find of a weapon, a firearm very early in the morning I think at around 6:40 in the morning and so criminals these days are you know executing their missions very early in the day so the police officers have a very hard task to do and so we just ask that citizens comply when it is that they are being searched.”

According to Musa, the latest firearm bust was made in the Saint Martin’s area of Belize City.