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Minister of Civil Aviation Says the ICAN 2021 Convention was a Success for Belize

Belize has signed thirteen Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s) with nations across the globe to increase the country’s international air connectivity. The MOU’s were signed between representatives from the various countries and Minister of Civil Aviation, Andre Perez at the 2021 International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAN) Convention. And, according to Perez, the agreements were to establish ties to improve the nation’s airspace activity, by bringing new airline carriers to Belize.

Andre Perez, Minister of Civil Aviation and Blue Economy: “MOUs is that we are just reaching to a memorandum of understanding I am not at the liberty to sign on behalf of government an official agreement. What we have done is that the memorandum of understanding is something that we come to understanding between two nations and then I come back which we are preparing to submit to our government to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the checking up and through the Attorney General’s office so that we can sign off on these agreements that basically they are to be done just the fine turning of the agreements to be revised but that is one. We made agreements with thirteen countries and that is a lot but we are not only looking at quantity but at quality and the type of countries that we have dealt with. For example we had a sitting with the United Kingdom, we had with Costa Rica , we had with Qatar, we had with Oman, we had with Argentina, with Chile, Colombia as well. Now all of these countries are looking for us to establish because they have seen that Belize is a strategic location. The country of Belize is located in a geographical position we’re in the middle of the Caribbean and in the middle of Central America and the world is beginning to notice that our country is very diverse so when you have these countries coming to us to want to sit down to establish some kind of memorandum of understanding it speaks volumes of our government.”